Jewelry Collection

Since its 2002 launch show in southern Seoul, Kimuse Revivals has introduced a vast collection of exceptional fine jewelry handbags and matching fine jewelry accessories under themes including a series of “The Exceptional Fine Jewelry Handbags” and “The Panthera Collection.”

After years of deliberation and research, Kimuse Revivals is exceedingly excited to present the world’s one-and-only “L’Oiseau” ring, which can “fly” on your finger – like the dream-like bird imagined by the legendary artist Chagall, whom Picasso once described: “When Chagall paints, you do not know if he is asleep or awake. Somewhere or other inside his head, there must be an angel.”

Such a fantastic bird evokes feelings of freedom, peace, beauty, love, and spiritual growth. Having inherited the heritage of art and passion lived by her gifted mother, the creator, Ines Cho, sincerely wishes the wearer of the bird to imagine, feel free and peaceful, find true love, and accomplish life’s dreams.

The articulated “L’Oiseau” ring is made of color sapphires and diamonds in 18-carat gold plated with black platinum.